The Polo Pony

When the English first stumbled upon polo being played in Manipur India they noted that the horses in the play were curiously small; so they dubbed them polo ponies!
However today most horses in play are of medium stature and excel in speed, stamina and maneuverability. A quiet steady temperament , soft mouth and comfortable ride further enhance the value of a polo pony.
Most ponies are small thoroughbreds or quarter horse appendices as are the world famous Argentine polo ponies being a cross between the thoroughbred and the local South American breed called the Crajiole.
An enormous amount of work and expertise go into the making of a polo pony along with a lifetime of daily regimented conditioning by experienced horsemen for the game to be fun for the casual player. Above, two Shannon Hill trainers juggle “four in hand” while mounted bare back on the fifth! Now that is horsemanship par excellence!
A team of trainers taking the ponies for their daily morning walk on the Shannon Hill track.